The story behind the wheels we offer is pretty simple. These wheels were born from a desire for a Super Single tire and rim to be used on the Goanna Overland Travel vehicle. 18 months was spent researching and testing products on the market only to come to one conclusion. The 17 x 9" rim and tire that can handle the weight had to be specifically made. Because their truly wasn't another product on the market that suited the application, Goanna Tracks began investing in producing a better solution!


Changing dual wheels to super singles offers the following advantages.

  • Significant improvement in off-road ability particularly in sand and mud.
  • Eliminating the problem of rocks caught between the rear dual wheels
  • Changing/checking tyre pressure reduced to 4 and not 6 tyres.
  • Only one spare is needed


Changing the tyre size from 32” to 37” offers the following advantages.

  • Improved ground clearance.  ( Diff height change + 50mm )     
  • Improved approach, departure and ramp over angle.
  • 14% lower engine RPM  (A Fuso Canter at 95PKH ( GPS Reading) is 2650RPM after fitment is 2300RPM = 13.3%)
  • Less in cab engine noise at the same speed
  • Improved fuel economy, as bigger rolling diameter.
  • The torque of the vehicles is very capable to handle the larger size with ease.
  • The ride is significantly improved.



Steel, 28 kilo / 63lb, Australian made rims.

Super Single Wheels

Improve You Offroad Ability